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Most people using LaTex feel that creating tables is no fun. Some days ago I stumbled across a neat function written by Paul Johnson that produces LaTex code as well as LaTex code that can be used within Lyx. The output can be used for regression models and looks like output from the Stata outreg […]

Although the graphic at the left might not seem a 100% appropriate, it gives a hint to what I am about to do. I want to calculate all possible linear regression models with one dependent and several independent variables. I do not want to address bias and fitting issues or the question if this makes […]

For one of my statistics classes I had to do a jackknife (leave-on-out) estimation of a the parameters of simple linear regression model. The difficulty with the jackknife method from the bootstrap package is that by default it returns a scalar only. Thus some programming is needed to return all the coefficients. Thanks to Simon […]