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Guest post by Daniel Adler. Below is a real-time audio-visual multimedia demonstration – or in short ‘an intro’ – written in 100% pure R. It requires no compilation and runs across major platforms via the package rdyncall and preinstalled precompiled standard libraries such as OpenGL and SDL libraries. This ‘happy-birthday’ production runs about 3 minutes […]

At the institute I’m working quite a lot of people prefer using Matlab and only a few of them know about R. Today one of my colleagues — who is also an eager user of Matlab — ran into the following problem: He had a vector in hand which consisted of elements. He wanted to […]

Lately, David Smith from REvolution Computing set out to challenge the R community with the reprocuction of a beautiful choropleth map (= multiple regions map/thematic map) on US unemployment rates he had seen on the Flowing Data blog. Here you can find the impressing results. Being a fan of beautiful visualizations I tried to produce […]