R ressources

Videos about R

A picture is worth a thousand words. This also holds true for videos, especially when beginning something new, for example R. I would like to see a whole lot of video recommendations on the R project site, making it easier to get started. Here I will collect some links:

Introductory Videos for R

Recently Drew Conway has been pretty busy collecting R videos. His collection can be found here! Hopefully his or another one will become a central repository soon.

My code

Code I consider useful and some efforts of mine can be found on github.

3 Responses to “R ressources”

  1. 1 Jonathan L.

    Hi, I am interested in your circplot (on github) and mainly the circ-box plot as it would allow a better understanding of circular data like hours weeks months and what not. Unfortunately I am not very proficient in R and would like to get it to work. The command library(circplot) just fails so i attempted to load them seperately each of them via pathnames but to no avail the loadNamespace(name) finds none of the packages. I would greatly appreciate any insight on how to make it work. And obviously you will be cited in any publishments in the resources. :)

  2. 2 markheckmann

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for your interest in the package. Unfortunately, currently I work 8am-8pm and do not find time to look into that. In case you spot the problem, please be so kind to issue a pull request or comment in the github issue tracker :) Thanks Mark

  1. 1 Linkliste Datenjournalismus und so | stk

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