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Today I will treat a problem I encounter every once in a while. Let’s suppose we have several dataframes or vectors of unequel length but with partly matching column names,  just like the following ones: df1 <- data.frame(Intercept = .4, x1=.4, x2=.2, x3=.7) df2 <- data.frame(Intercept = .5,        x2=.8       ) This for example may occur […]

After my last posting on how to extract the google number count I was searching the web and found a nice website allowing you to calculate many semantic relatedness measures. On request it seems to be possible to get free access to their API. The API allows you to post a request via the GET […]

Lately I read the article Automatic Meaning Discovery Using Google by Cilibras and VitanyiIt which introduces the normalized google distance (NGD) as a measure of semantic relatedness of two search terms. As its basis for  calculation the NGD uses simple google search result counts. Now I want to figure out how to impelement this calculation […]