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Just to pimp my blog a bit, I wanted to install a RSS feed from the r-help mailing list showing the latest topics on the sidebar. After a bit of searching, I discovered that the r-project website gives the advice that feeds can be subsribed on the Gmane (a huge mailing list archive) site. There […]

For one of my statistics classes I had to do a jackknife (leave-on-out) estimation of a the parameters of simple linear regression model. The difficulty with the jackknife method from the bootstrap package is that by default it returns a scalar only. Thus some programming is needed to return all the coefficients. Thanks to Simon […]

I want to produce a lot of .png files and need to name them. One possibility would be to let R automatically name them e.g. when used in a for loop. In my case I need the name for each graphic as an object as I want to address it via a link. Thus I […]

My aim was to produce a tiny histogram as a png output. I want to use these tiny histograms to put them into a table, so the distribution of a variable can be assessed at an instance and be compared to others right away. To produce such a graphic in the base graphic system is […]

I’ve been working with the statistical program R for about ten month now. I noticed that after reading and trying out some code I quickly forget about many things again. Thus I decided to start my personal learning dictionary on the web. The primary focus of this dictionary is to support my own learning process. […]